Mason Shisaware Stynger Bowl Review

Mason Shisaware Stynger Bowl Review

Small, but powerful–Mason Shishaware’s Stynger Bowl is quickly becoming one of the most (if not the most) popular micro capacity bowl on the market! In today’s product review, we’ll be exploring this highly sought after product to provide a breakdown of key features, performance, and more!

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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About the Company

Based out of Chicago, Illinois, Mason Shishaware is known for offering some of the best hookah products on the market! All Mason Shisaware products are hand-crafted with premium clay materials by hookah artisans in the USA. The Mason team is comprised of hookah enthusiasts, clay artisans, and industrial designers–all with a goal to create the absolute best-quality products to the hookah community.

Now that we’ve explored a bit about Mason Shishaware, let’s talk about the popular Stynger Bowl!

Mason Shishaware Stynger Bowl Breakdown

The Mason Shishaware Stynger is a hand-crafted, clay micro-capacity bowl that can hold 8-12 grams of shisha. As a micro-capacity bowl, the Stynger is designed to help hookah users get the most of their product and save money over time! While this bowl is compact in size, it’s premium-grade build allows it to provide high performance  and the best experience possible.

Furthermore, the Stynger is unique from any other bowls in the Mason Shishaware Lineup in that it features a hand-thrown, white shishaware clay body, which is designed to offer a more durable and heat-resistant foundation, which is critical for a micro-capacity hookah bowl.

Mason Shishaware Stynger Bowl Pricing

Priced competitively with other similar products on the market, the Mason Shishaware Stynger Bowl retails for $76.99. While the price is slightly higher than other bowls, it’s quality build and compact design will provide better performance, longer lifetime, and enhanced usage.

Mason Shishaware Stynger Bowl Customer Reviews

As one of the most popular shisha bowls on the market, the Mason Shishaware Stynger has tons of 5-star reviews from verified customers. Here are just a few that stood out to the team:

“This little guy is awesome for an exclusive Tangiers use bowl” – GP W.

“This is one of the best bowls ever made, especially if you want to save some tobacco and try new flavors” – M.P S.

“Bought one on the first drop from Mason and had to come back for a second. The best bowl on the market, hands down!” – Theo H.

Should You Give the Stynger a Try?

If this article hasn’t convinced you enough, we’ll provide further validation–this is a must try hookah bowl–especially when paired with popular Tangiers flavors like Tangiers Cane Mint! We can’t say enough great things about this bowl! Order it online at Hookah Vault time and give it a try for yourself!

If the Mason Shishaware Stynger isn’t right for you–not a problem! Explore even more hookah bowl reviews here:

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