Amotion Roam Hookah Review

Amotion Roam Hookah Review

If you’re in the market for new, portable hookah, look no further than the AMTION Roam Hookah!

In today’s review, we’ll be breaking down the different features and components of this popular hookah to help you decide if this product is right for you!

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

You must be at least 21 years or older to purchase this product.

About the Company

Based in Germany, Amotion Hookahs are manufactured by industry-leading hookah company–Moze. Amotion Hookahs are designed to offer a premium, luxury user experience that’s cost effective and enjoyable. All Amotion Hookahs are top quality and offer users the best experience possible! Now that we’ve talked a bit about the company, let’s explore the product features!

Amotion Roam Hookah Features

The Amotion Roam Hookah is sold as a complete, ready-to-go kit that includes the Amotion Hookah, Amotion Hose, Amotion Mouthpiece, and Amotion Travel Bag. Available in several appealing colors including Asher, Cobalt, Lime, Mauve, and Stone, the body of the Amotion hookah is compact and features a durable, soft-touch finish, which makes it the perfect on-the-go companion. The Amotion Roam’s interior features a durable, stainless steel core, which guarantees a sturdy build and optimal stability. Pair the Amotion Roam Hookah up with your favorite hookah bowl (we recommend Mason Shishaware’s Stynger Bowl) and shisha flavor (like Tangiers Cane Mint) and you’ll be ready for the best hookah experience in your life!

Amotion Roam Hookah Pricing

As a stand alone unit, the Amotion Roam Hookah retails for about $174.99. The Complete Amotion Roam Hookah Set, which includes the unit, hose, mouthpiece, and travel bag, retails for about $199.99. As a complete set, the Amotion Roam Hookah is priced very affordable and can offer hookah enthusiasts from all walks of a life a premium hookah experience.

Amotion Roam Hookah Customer Reviews

Based on the mountains of reviews we’ve found for this product, customers absolutely love it! Here’s just a few of the reviews that stood out to our team when writing this review:

“Absolutely amazing! Just make sure you put a tiny bit of water” – Christos P.

“I recently got this hookah as a gift after I saw the review by MoaSmokes and, overall, I really like tis model!” – Erick C.

“This thing is top notch! Very heavy and good quality build” – Jason W.

The Final Verdict: Is the Amotion Roam Hookah Worth a Try?

After an in-depth analysis of the product, I can confidently say that I would recommend the Amotion Roam Hookah to anyone looking for a great, travel-sized hookah. While the Amotion Roam is small and compact, it’s definitely built in a very study manner and offer a great experience! Give it a try and see for yourself. Order it online from today!

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